Lightning Strikes Tree at the Family Life Center

The Tree on the side of the Family Life Center was destroyed today by lightning.
The Tree on the side of the Family Life Center was destroyed today by lightning.

This is a picture of what USED TO BE the nice big tree that sat in the middle of the circular drive on the side of the Family Life Center. It was just struck by lightning and looks like someone put some C4 explosive in the trunk and blew it up.

It did damage the FLC, breaking the glass in the doors and windows in the entryway, and the metal siding on the building. It blew pieces of the trunk as far as fifty feet away. There are small pieces of the trunk on the driveway to the Directors home.

I am thanking God that we did not have any campers on the grounds. Mike and Hobie were working just inside the doors of the FLC on that side, and had a golf cart parked in the circular drive. The top of the tree fell on the cart, but other than a few scratches, it appears undamaged. I thank God for His protection of Mike and Hobie. If they had been coming out the door or getting in the cart, they could have been killed.

It is a shame about the tree. It was beautiful and will be missed for the shade and beauty it provided.

We will begin cleanup tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers for Rolling Hills!



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