Family Life Center Gets a FaceLift!

Thanks to all our “Friends of Rolling Hills”, we are currently completing a full remodel of the restrooms in the Family Life Center. The work began in January with a complete demolition of the two existing restrooms. The hallway and surrounding area by the restrooms has been refitted to include two new Family/Handicapped facility next to both the men’s and women’s restrooms.

The project includes new ceramic tile, new granite counter tops, baby changing stations, toilets, ceiling tile, and partitions. The old walls were removed down to the studs, and new sheetrock and lighting installed. Below is a picture of the new “entrance” on the men’s side to give you an idea of what you will see on your next visit.

Bathroom Entrance
The new Family/Handicapped restroom will be located through the door on the left, and the entrance to the remodeled restroom is on the right.


Handicap Inside
This is a photo of the inside of one of the new Family/Handicapped restrooms. On the left wall, there will be a “Baby Changing” station. You can see the frame where the new granite counter top and sink will be installed. The toilet will be on the right hand side of the room.


Mens Inside

This photo shows the inside of the remodeled men’s restroom. The new granite counter top and sinks will be on the left, and new urinals and toilets are being installed on the back wall. The new partitions are made of a high-grade plastic composite which will not rust. New mirrors and ceramic tile will complete the remodel.


If you would like to help us complete this remodel project debt free, you can click on the button below to make a safe, secure, and convienient on-line donation. If you prefer, you can also mail a donation to:
Rolling Hills Camp – FLC Bathroom Remodel
521 Highway 304 Calera, AL 35040