Summer Camp is a Time for “Firsts”

Why does camp appeal to kids? For some, it’s that life-changing summer when they are, for the first time, immersed in a loving camp community, learning about God … and having the time of their lives.

CAMP is a Verb!
CAMP is a Verb!

Some kids consider camp the place they first gained confidence and felt free to be themselves. Camp was where they learned to be kinder and more understanding, explored their boundaries, managed their freedom, borrowed clothes from their new best friend—and experienced leadership for the first time. For others, camp marked the first time they caught a fish, the first time they climbed a rock wall, swam in a lake, or learned teamwork on the ropes course. The first time they’d been on a water slide or sat quietly around a crackling bonfire. There are kids from urban centers who say camp was the first time they laid in the grass, could see the stars at night or heard crickets chirping.

Some say it’s the first place they’ve ever really felt safe.

These firsts are why camp staff and volunteers are willing to sacrifice sleep, work long hours and invest their summer year after year after year. For many kids, this summer at camp will be the first time they understand they are known and loved by God. That is The Power of Camp. That is Rolling Hills!

Family Life Center Gets a FaceLift!

Thanks to all our “Friends of Rolling Hills”, we are currently completing a full remodel of the restrooms in the Family Life Center. The work began in January with a complete demolition of the two existing restrooms. The hallway and surrounding area by the restrooms has been refitted to include two new Family/Handicapped facility next […]